We, at Happy Puppy Park, are sorry, but unable to accept new applications at this time.
We are booked to what the city allows and are working on a long waiting list.
If there are special circumstances, contact me at brenda@happypuppypark.com.

Please enjoy the site and the postings on Facebook

Brenda, Robin, and Monique


The Happy Puppy Park®, established in 1998 in Vancouver Washington, is the first dog daycare facility in the United States that is located in a residential area. Owned by Brenda Anderson and Robin Curry, the Happy Puppy Park® offers a place to bring your dog for a fun-filled day of socializing with other dogs, running through a field without a leash, playing in a pool of water, and other general fun loving dog stuff!

Because It is difficult for people to extend outside of their boundaries and routines In the morning on their way to work, the concept of the Happy Puppy Park® is to offer a facility that is convenient for people to access without having to drive out of their way. Dogs are dropped off on the way to work and picked up on the way home, with owners knowing that the couch is safe from the destruction of a bored or anxious pup.

Brenda and the Crew
Brenda and the Crew